About us

Welcome to epfop

Boutique Photo agency

We are a small photo agency without complexities. Based in Woking, Surrey, specialising in lifestyle candid photography. We focus on people's lives and their emotions. We also do product photography for e-commerce or catalogues

We do not classify our clients, instead treating them equally. Our motto is: Each Photo For One Price. So, if you organise a party, a wedding, or if you need business shots contact us and we are ready to do the job. A proper job!

epfop. butique photo agency based in Woking
Real Life. Real Photography.

Freeze the moment

Stop the time and enjoy the moment longer in unforgettable pictures from us. Wedding? Birthday? Everyday life?

Yes, we love to capture these!

epfop. weddings and live events photography
We are proud

Where we live where we came from

We are excited to discover places for your dream images. We are always ready to pack our bags and take pictures around the world.

Yes, we will travel with you if you wish.

Score a goal in your sells

Product photography artwork and design

We are experts in product photography and latest design trends. Make your product unique with our images.

Yes, we do offer design and artworking.

epfop. product photography in Woking, Surrey
Eat to live

Live to eat

There is nothing more pleasant than good food with good wine and still fix it forever in pictures.

Yes, we do food photography, too.

epfop. product photography in Woking, Surrey